MiceChat Podcast 4: Disney Synergy -December

Synergy. No, it isn't a pavilion in Epcot, it isn't a high octane gasoline, it isn't an energy drink (though that might be a great name for one), it's the opportunity to make more money by combining efforts of two or more distinct things. In the case of Disney, there's been a lot of unique synergy going on recently. We'll be talking about a lot of that in today's Podcase. Join Al Lutz, Dusty Sage and Doug Barnes as we explore:

- Disney's owership of Marvel Comics and how that may influence Tomorrowland

- Disney's purchase of Lucas Films and what that means for the theme parks, merchandise and so much more.

- How Disney California Adventure's Cars Land has been so successful that it may soon be cloned in Florida and Japan.

Plus, lots of news, rumors and gossip that is sure to make you smile.

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